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Relieve stress & tension and experience the benefits of deep tissue, sports remedial, hot stone, or Swedish massage.
Our on-site massage service is perfect for busy professionals, who need a little break during their work day.

Deep Tissue Massage

This uses similar techniques to Swedish massage but uses more pressure to stimulate deeper layers of muscle tissue, tendons, and fascia to break up knots and adhesions. The pressure is applied in a slow, steady rhythm using circular or linear motion. The deep tissue massage is carried out by hands, elbows, or forearms.

A deep tissue massage will typically focus on your primary areas of muscle tension. This may lead to some initial discomfort however, this should subside as the muscles relax. Deep tissue massage can help with many muscular conditions such as sciatic nerve pain, to improve circulation, reduce inflammation and is ideal to treat strains and sports injuries.

Health benefits

Increases relaxation

Reduces back & muscle pain

Prevents injury

Improves sleep quality

Improves posture & flexibility

Boosts the immune system

Improves carpal tunnel syndrome

Improves symptoms of fibromyalgia

Reduces stress & tension headaches

30 mins

£  22

60 mins

£  38


What happy clients say...

Pauline M.

"I had a grumbling muscle injury so I booked an appointment with Penny as she was highly recommended to me. She very quickly located the source of my injury and worked to ease the pain thus speeding up my recovery. I would recommend Penny as a very knowledgeable professional in this field."
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