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Relieve stress & tension and experience the benefits of deep tissue, sports remedial, hot stone, or Swedish massage.
Our on-site massage service is perfect for busy professionals, who need a little break during their work day.

Welcome to Oakbank Massage

Hi I’m Penny and I work as an independent massage therapist.
I have been treating clients since 2016 for a variety of aches, pains and muscle tension.
I am located in Dollar near Alloa, where I give treatments in my designated therapy room.
I also visit workplaces where on-site acupressure massages are being used to promote well-being & increase employee morale. So treat yourself, your staff, or someone special to a
healthy & relaxing massage.


Each massage is tailored to the individual following a short but thorough consultation.
For the full body massages and other tailored massages I use massage oils with beeswax, but I also offer a vegan option with a vegan beeswax alternative derived from mineral oils and plant-based derivatives from a local company based in Auchterader.

female elbow on back - on-site chair acupressure massage treatment

On-site Acupressure

This massage is usually carried out in the workplace and given through the client's clothes. It relaxes the mind and body. It is extremely useful in relieving stress and fatigue.

Massaging hands - Swedish body massage treatment

Swedish Massage

A great massage which aims to affect the client in a positive and beneficial manner. It can also promote relaxation by releasing muscle tension.

Massaging handson female neck - Deep tissue massage treatment

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage uses similar techniques to Swedish massage but uses more pressure to stimulate deeper layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia.

Massaging hands on leg - Sports and remedial massage treatment

Sports & Remedial Massage

This type of massage is used to treat injuries and improve performance, to relieve pain and stress using a variety of techniques, like trigger point therapy. The aim is to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and release muscle tension.

Hands with hot stone massaging back- Hot stone body massage treatment

Hot Stone Massage

With this massage the stones are placed on specific parts of the body and pressure & friction to the muscles is applied. It is an efficient treatment for people who suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, or insomnia.


What happy clients say...

Pauline M.

"I had a grumbling muscle injury so I booked an appointment with Penny as she was highly recommended to me. She very quickly located the source of my injury and worked to ease the pain thus speeding up my recovery. I would recommend Penny as a very knowledgeable professional in this field."
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