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Historically I worked as a lawyer in a busy residential conveyancing office.  Whilst studying for my exams I took up running.  This was, and still is, a great source of relaxation and stress relief to me. Having had a few massages myself, some just lovely relaxing Swedish massages and others deep tissue massages to relieve tension in sore muscles, I became interested in the physical and mental healing aspects of massage. 


Not only is massage good at reducing muscle tension following exercise it can also help towards injury prevention by releasing that tension before it becomes an issue.

Penny Hallidie Massage therapist in Dollar

I have been working as a professional massage therapist since 2016 and truly believe that massage is a core part of looking after yourself or as part of a training program can help you feel fantastic.

Penny Hallidie giving acupressure treatment on a client - Oakbank Massage therapist in Dollar

Having worked in a stressful office environment where it can be difficult to get up and move away from the computer, I realised there are advantages in taking massage into the workplace.

The introduction of acupressure massage into the workplace has been used to promote wellbeing, increase focus, energy and mental clarity.  Massage can not only relieve stress in employees, it can also help increase productivity and employee morale whilst reducing staff turnover and absenteeism – all from a 10-20 minute massage away from their desk.

On-site seated massage comes to the client, is quick and so fits easily into a busy day.  There is no need for oil so no mess and no need to remove clothing.


I constantly perfect my massage techniques & train myself in different massage therapies to be able
to provide relaxation & efficient pain relief for my clients.

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